Site maintenance

General overview

TerUsus maintenance services covers the complete chain in the site maintenance, starting from brushwood operations up to level 2 activities. All of our technicians have a Van to carry the needed tools, consumables and products to the site. TerUsus can provide an END TO END solution, service packages and ad-hoc operations towards the customers.

  • Brushwood Technicians
  • Odd jobs Technicians
  • Level 1 Site Engineers for environment and power maintenance
  • Level 2 Site Engineers for environment, power and Radio maintenance
  • Audit Engineers
  • Coordinators
  • Project Managers


Brushwood operations are executed based on the customers expectations and contractually agreements. In general several brushwood operations are performed per site per year. Those operations are respecting the Belgium regulation concerning safety and chemical products. The brushwood operations cover the grass and weeding operations up to tree cutting. The waste handling is including the in the Brushwood operations. A detailed reporting is setup after each site visit, which includes site pictures to provide the final situation of the site.

Odd jobs

TerUsus also take care of all sort of odd jobs in and out the shelter area, such as repairing fences, key boxes, rooftop of shelter, changing batteries, broken windows, painting, separate cleaning inside ground floor and equipment. The follow up and the planning of the site operations can be guaranteed by TerUsus.

Level one maintenance

The level one field activities includes the environmental maintenance, the power maintenance and small site repairs. TerUsus can define a preventive maintenance program and a Corrective maintenance program for the level one activities Preventive maintenance program (PM). The preventive maintenance program covers the complete check of the site and maintenance activities of hardware setup by the vendors. Herewith some tasks to be covered during the preventive activities:

  • Cleaning the site
  • Exchange filter of room, shelter, Radio/power equipment
  • Control of the alarms
  • Check status of site ( construction, safety, access , etc)
  • Check power equipment such as battery test
  • Check air-conditioning and ventilation system
  • Extinguisher check
  • Environment check
  • Cabling check
  • Antenna check
  • Status Electricity consumption meter

Level two maintenance

Corrective Maintenance program (FLM & CM). The scope of the corrective maintenance is guaranteed during 24/24 and 7/7. Tickets are generated by Customer and TerUsus will perform the repair on site. TerUsus® will perform the first line operations and in case of needed a board swapping. The corrective maintenance covers the same technical area as indicated in the Preventive maintenance scope. The intervention tickets are generated by the customer who performs the remote control of the network. The serenity of the tickets are mostly indentified in two criteria’s: Critical and Minors. Per serenity, TerUsus will assure the agreed SLA definitions. After the intervention a detailed service report will be setup.

Project management

  • Administrators
  • Coordinators
  • Project Managers

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